Sunday, March 24, 2013

African Lesson

Guess how many countries there are in Africa? There are probably more than you think. Take a few minutes to see how many countries in Africa you can find on this map activity. When you go to the site, it will name a country in Africa and you will need to click on the map where the country is. You get 3 tries before you will get a clue. You don't have to do them all but just take a few minutes to try it. :  
Click Here For the Game!

How big is Africa anyway? Well check out this great infographic to give you some kind of idea about that!
Click Here For the Infographic!

For this lesson you will be required to work with the group from class of your peers to complete a presentation about a conflict in Africa.  First each of you will need to read 3-5 articles (which you can find or can be provided for you) about the conflict that you is assigned.  Contact me HERE to get assigned one of the four rolls described in this post for the presentation.

After you are assigned the rolls you can go HERE to see what the role requires you to do!

Once you get your assignment you can look HERE for information that has been provided by me to assist your research. Also if you are having trouble then please contact me for questions or advice! And if you have never given a presentation report before check HERE and HERE for examples!

Your will be graded by the following rubric:

Group Evaluation
Self Evaluation

The presentation will require you to give a 1-2 minute explanation of your research in front of the class.  Followed by a Q&A at the end.  The group and self evaluations will be in the form of a survey at the end of the assignment.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Unit 5: Work Samples

For this unit you will be required to ask your mentor what writing Work Samples you still have left to complete. After you find out what assignments that you need pick out a writing sample or develop on your own. There are three types of essays you will need to graduate: Expository, Narrative, and Persuasive. If you have completed the requirement already please disregard this assignment and write a sentence letting me know that you have completed your work already. Thank you, Mr. Ellsberg

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Unit 4: Work Samples

All High School Students, You will have to complete two work samples this semester one written and one which is a speech.  The written requirement will be taken from one of your submitted project essays this semester, but this assignment will be your speech.
All high school students are required to give three speeches before they graduate. The three types of speeches are persuasive, informative and impromptu. Both persuasive and informative can be recorded and turned in as a media file and if you have a school computer, you have a microphone built into the computer and will be able to record that way. "Audacity" is a free program found online that you could use in conjunction with your microphone, and turn in your speech that way.
If you would prefer to give your speech in person, get in touch with me or set up an appointment and we'll figure out a time. Impromptu speeches must be given in person.
Check with your mentor!
What speeches have you given and what speeches do you need to give in order to graduate? You are more than welcome to use an essay written for this class and turn it into a speech. If you have written an informative essay and would like to receive credit for an informative speech, this is where to do this! If you have written a persuasive essay and would like to turn that into a persuasive speech, do so here! Get those graduation requirements out of the way, and do so by recording your speech.
If you don't need a speech, then don't worry about the special project. Speeches will be worth 100 points. Giving a speech would certainly help your grade if you need to give one.
Test your voice recording availability through the control panel> sounds and audio devices>voice> test hardware
While recording your work in Audacity, make sure to save your file as a wave.file or I will not be able to upload your work.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unit 3 Project

There will be no Unit 3 project for your class. Your Unit 4 project will be your CIM submission. Use this time to catch up in your course and let me know in the box how many assignments you have that are overdue for your class with me. -Mr. Ellsberg

Thursday, October 6, 2011

History of Governments Unit 2

Your Unit 2 government assignment is to look over "The American Jobs Act" and listen to the speech that has been proposed by President Barack Obama.  Look at the 5 different parts that are in the plan:
  1. Tax Cuts
  2. Rebuilding America
  3. Pathways to Work
  4. Tax Relief
  5. Full Paid For
The first part of your assignment is to summarize each of these Overviews.
The second part is to state your opinion about 1 thing you think could work, then 1 thing you think should be changed or removed.
Good Luck!